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We are pleased to announce that Ice Water Airboats is in full production. Ice Water is a subsidiary of Duck Water Boats based in Dover, Ohio. Duck Water Boats has been building the premier all welded aluminum duck boat for nearly 20 years. Steve Hoover the owner was approached by a law enforcement agency to construct an air rescue boat. Steve accepted the request and got with Hal Whitacre his Naval Engineer and designed the ultimate air rescue boat. We also had input from Dave McClain which was instrumental helping us with his 30 years of knowledge in the airboat industry. Dave and Hal was able to take the first Airboat and make it a success!

We used Sunbrella material to do the full cabin enclosure. The Sherriff’s Department wanted the boat to be painted our duck boat green. We can paint the boats any color needed. We welded a solid bump rail to the side to protect from docks.

The outside keel edge proved in the water test to be a great attribute for turning! The hull is 5086 Marin grade ¼” aluminum. The sides and floor is 3/16” marine grade alloy.

The Rescue 20 is launched for her maiden voyage! The Rescue 20 has a full cabin enclosure!

The Rescue 20 is constructed different than the traditional “T” bar. We incorporated the same technology as we do with the duck boats. We link the bulkheads and stringers together for superior strength. We have test results showing the comparison of ‘T” bar vs. Ice Water and they were dead even in impact resistance.

The Rescue 20 has 3/8” Dura Pro UHMW polymer liner screwed and bolted onto the hull. We also silicon each screw and bolt head.

This is the initial firing of the 6.2 LSA Supercharged motor. We built or fan shroud with 6061 Schedule 30 and 40 tube and ½” 6061 solid bar.

Ice Water Airboat Rescue 20 - $59,500


Hull and sides 1/4" 5086 Marine Grade Aluminum

5/8" HDPA plastic mechanically fastened

Walk around cabin constructed of aluminum and Top Gun material

6.2L LSA Supercharged 550 hp Levitator motor


Load Rite galvanized trailer $3,500